BTS Reborn Injector V7.9 & Part 88 [Latest Version] Free Download

ML lovers would like to get an app that can provide additional support for their game. They should know about the BTS Reborn Injector, which is an amazing option for them.
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BTS Reborn Injector
Android 5.0+
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I’m inviting all the ML players here who want a quick change in their gaming skills and experience. We are updating you about a new version of the BTS Reborn Injector. This injector will give you back-to-back support for every action and step. Whatever step you take to attack your enemy, the BTS Reborn Imoba Injector will make it perfect for you through its remarkable features.

The BTS Reborn Injector will give you easy access to amazing emotes that you have never experienced or used before. It is not an easy job to experience a real-life battle in a game, and not every injector gives you that environment. People mostly want to experience that thrill, excitement, and fear as a reality fight, so if you want the same, it is only BTS Reborn Imoba that can give you that amazing experience.

About BTS Reborn Injector APK

APK BTS Reborn Injector is an updated version for ML lovers to easily unlock amazing features and the best skins. This is specially built for Android users. It is the most convenient and friendly to use, which is why it is usable on all types of iOS and Android.

The graphic is designed so magnificently that you will get the reality battle experience sitting on the couch in your room. All emotes are well-established and offer a real fighting scene. You can use them at any time to act like a pro player. You can design your character according to your preferences. What skin do you want, what customs does your character like, and what kind of weapon will you use? Everything is available for you, and you need to fix the cubes to get the same color. Your fighting skills and battle experience will be enhanced once you get to use the BTS Reborn Injector.

BTS Reborn Injector

Features of BTS Reborn Imoba Injector


As mentioned earlier, BTS Reborn Injector is going to offer you remarkable emotes that will be added to your gaming file, and you can use them at any time. This will build up in you a real battleman’s skill.


All the precious skins necessary for the battle, whichever you prefer, will be available for you in the latest version, and you will give a new look to your character and game.

Drone View

Like all other APKs, it also gives you a drone view of the battlefield to get a closer look. But it has more resolution power, so you can zoon it to maximum and look for the smallest clues.


Those players who use the BTS Reborn Imoba Injector for ML games will experience double the speed of those who don’t use it.


This menu will help you target your enemy well without missing any bullets that you shoot.

3D views

This is amazing because you can now see the 3D view as well.

No Requirements

There is no need to use a name for playing or any other login or registration requirement. It is as simple as you want; just download it and use it at your own pace.


High-quality maps are also available for you to get additional information on your enemy’s position.

BTS Reborn Imoba Injector

More Mod Menus

  • Skin Unlock The hero skin you can unlock in the new version.
  • Drone view: Providing us with 6x, 5x, 4x, and lover view mods.
  • Speed: Speed increases twice as much as compared to non-users.
  • Aimbot: The Aimbot menu is available for battle.
  • 3D view: Now you can update the view in 3D.
  • Custom Map: Modify maps according to your needs.
  • Config Map 60 FPS: 60 FPS file supporting mod
  • Free of download: The Free download for all my lovers.
  • Fake name: No requirement of a name for gameplay or guest mods is available.
  • Safe and secured: Safe menu for all servers
  • Drone view (3x, 4x)

How do I download it?

  • The download button is located at the top of this article. Click on it first.
  • Once the download has completed, go to your device’s settings and allow “Unknown Source”.
  • Now adhere to the on-screen directions to securely install the application on your smartphone.
  • Open the application when installation is finished and turn on the functionality your game needs.
  • Enjoy the greatest features right now.


Lastly, ML lovers would like to get an app that can provide additional support for their game. They should know about the BTS Reborn Injector, which is an amazing option for them. So if you are ML Players and have already gone through its astonishing features, why are you still waiting? Download it now. For more related injectors like Morella Modz APK and Alexa MOdz Lite, take a look at our website and get your favorite one from there.