Noxious Injector APK V1.1 Download (Latest Version) For Android

Noxious Injector is a friendly APK for you even if you are using an Android device. This is the easiest APK you will ever find with all the best features. This will help you to high up your rank and become the best player.
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Noxious Injector
Android 5.0+
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Everyone desires to get the premium options for free and continue their game with the same enthusiasm and interest. Do not worry, because we are going to introduce you to something amazing that will astonish your thoughts. Yes, you are going to unlock all the premium features for free without investing a single penny. This amazing APK is called Noxious Injector.

Are you a Mobile Legends Bang Bang player? You must be worried about the payment to unlock the features, right? If you are playing MLBB, then you should know that you cannot unlock the features without paying money. This is a big hindrance for the players to continue their game. People who are good at this game stop playing because of a lack of good features like skins, headshots, and many more.

Noxious Injector is a friendly APK for you, even if you are using an Android device. This is the easiest APK you will ever find, with all the best features. This will help you raise your rank and become the best player. You will gain enough experience with the help of the wonderful feature that is offered to you for free.

About Noxious Injector APK

Mobile Legends players want all the perfect features, such as skins, maps, headshots, and many other techniques, to be at their best on the battlefield. The Noxious Injector is the best choice you have ever made if you download it and use it. This is offering you a free chance to unlock the premium items you want for your battle. Do you want new and branded outfits for your character? Map for the battlefield analysis? Or do you want the tricks of headshots? Everything is just a click away, without any worry about the money. You will pay nothing but get the best out of everything.

This APK is as easy as just opening the PC. You just need to download it. There are restrictions or login requirements. You will be more comfortable and pleased to use it once you see how beneficial it is for your gameplay. It will boost your skills and experience. If you are looking for some more ML injectors, like the Unlock All Skin ML injector take a look at our website and get the latest apps and injectors.

Noxious Injector APK

Features of Noxious Injector ML

Noxious Injector APK is just knocking on your door to get in with all the remarkable features. Your money will not be wasted yet, and you will get the best thing ever. The features will be best for the gameplay and will help you gain the high level of rank that you have dreamed of. Your worry ends here now because you already know much about the Noxious injector. Now we are going to explain a bit more about the features. Stay connected.


The battlefield will be designed in the best graphic way. Noxious injector offers you all the maps of the routes of the field. You can easily analyze everything deeply and then define your plan. Analog, borders, back sound, and introduction loading system—everything will be well managed and arranged for you.


You will get different yet unique characters of the heroes, like masters, grandmasters, warriors, elites, and many more.

Drone Camera

You don’t need to worry if you are far from your target spot. Yet you can have a look at the whole battlefield from afar. This Noxious injector provides you with a drone camera view where you can analyze everything from being safe to sound from your enemies. Your adversaries won’t see you.

Unlock skins

All astonishing skins will be offered to you without any payment. All the items are free of charge.


This noxious injector will give you amazing effects that will give you a real-life experience of the battle. All graphics are well-established and developed.

How to I download and Install Noxious Injector V1.1?

Follow these simple steps to download and install the injector:

  • Visit the official website for this application.
  • Click on the download link to initiate the download process.
  • Once the download is complete, locate the APK file on your device.
  • Enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Launch the application and enjoy the enhanced gaming experience

Is Noxious Injector ML APK safe for use?

Yes, it’s safe to use; we tested it on multiple Android devices. And it works perfectly and we don’t face any type of error or bug. So, we recommend using this application, as it is not harmful to your account. And it’s a more powerful injector so FF players can use it.


Lastly, the Noxious injector is the best friend of Mobile Legend players. Who was always worrying about unlocking the features? This Noxious injector is offering every item for free, be it an avatar outfit or map designed for drone viewing. All the things are free and available for players’ use. You can gain these features and be a pro player. Now you will not skip your match because of money; this is your chance to be the best player and win the game. So download Noxious Injector and gain new skills and experiences in your own game.