Painted Skin Injector, Latest Version [ V1.1 ] Free Download

Painted Skin Injector gives you the best platform to give your player a new look and character. There are more than 20 costumes you will find here and this will shape your player into an energetic version player.
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Painted Skin Injector
Android 5.0+
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MLBB players would know how the skins give a new look or new life to the game. The player uses different injectors to get free yet amazing skins to improve in the game. Do they find the right injector? Everyone is confused about which injector can give them the best skin. So, we have brought you the modified version of all the other skin-provided APKs. This is a Painful skin injector.

This incredible tool, named a Painted Skin Injector, will provide you with all the amazing skins you have been dreaming of having during your play. The painted skin injector has the skins of Guison, Hayabusa, and many other characters of the MLBB. Players do not need to worry about anything, neither about the cost of skins nor about any restrictions. Every remarkable feature this APK provides is free. You will not be spending anything yet to get the best version of all the APKS.

About Painted Skin Injector

The Painted Skin Injector is the best version of all the other APKs you have ever seen. This will help you unlock the best item skins and get the new and modified styles of the costumes, skins, and characters. In other games, players can change their costumes based on how many people have become their fans. Yet if you download a painted skin injector, you will get everything for free.

The Painted Skin Injector has another diverse range of characters you can select from. On the other hand, developers are changing and upgrading all the skins every few months, which helps the players get the newest version of the skins. It is a remarkable opportunity for the ML player to reach the ML skins and improve the gaming experience.

Another important thing about a painted skin injector is that it is free. There is nothing you have to pay for. All the remarkable features and skins are free. You will not be worrying about the cost or payment of anything. For more related tools like AA Modz APK, take a look at our website.

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Painted Skin Injector

Features: Painted Skin Injector

The Painted Skin Injector gives you the best platform to give your player a new look and character. There are more than 20 costumes you will find here, and this will shape your player into an energetic version of himself. It keeps your motivation on track to play well and be the best player.

Free Costumes

This injector is for those who worry about unlocking the paid skins. With the help of a painted skin injector, you can now unlock all the costumes for the ML game for free.

ML Skins

This Apk also offers you the best skin version without any payment. Your game scenario, character, and field will have a new look because of this Apk. You will get deeper into the game.

ML Diamond

You can not get the diamond for free here, which will help you upgrade your features further,

Latest updates

Once you update your feature, you can add the latest costumes to your game.


This Apk has a well-managed security system. You will not be banned by any other party. Your account is safe and sound.


This injector is as simple as you want it to be. It is more comfortable to use and apply your own tricks in the game.

Increase the limit of skins

The skin time limit is higher than the normal limit in other apps.


This Apk and all its features are free.

Free of bugs

There is no disturbance or interference of any kind from ads or errors in the app. It is free of bugs and errors. You can comfortably play the game for many hours.

Costumes of Painted Skin Injectors

There are a variety of costumes available for you here. This will give you a new boost of confidence with a new look.

How do I download and Install the Painted Skin Injector APK?

Follow these simple steps to download and install:

  • Visit the official website for this application.
  • Click on the download link to initiate the download process.
  • Once the download is complete, locate the APK file on your device.
  • Enable installation from unknown sources in your device’s settings.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Launch the application and enjoy the enhanced gaming experience

Is Painted Skin Injector Safe for Use?

Yes, it’s safe to use; we tested it on multiple Android devices. And it works perfectly, and we don’t face any type of error or bug. So, we recommend using this application, as it is not harmful to your account. And it’s a more powerful injector, so FF players can use it.


Lastly, the Painted Skin Injector is the dream Apk of ML players who want new skins and costumes. We are presenting this app as an excellent opportunity for you as an ML player. Unlock all the skins, costumes, and characters you want to have in your game. Just download the painted skin injector now and be your hero on the battlefield.